Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pain, the pitiless masculine gender


Pain... does the word make you feel

What it is ?

As it is crueler, I am sure its gender could be masculine

He has too many adjectives like ' intolerable' or ' unbearable'
Still, does he take you to a trip around Dante's inferno or 
The hell created by Milton in Paradise Lost?

Pain is always pain and he is no 'Amma' or ' Ayyo' 

He knows not day or night
Robbing comfort and sleep, he
Dominates me and relishes my pangs recklessly.

' Salma was like a wounded bird' Gibran describes his heroine in 
Broken Wings 

A bird, synonymous with its flight and freedom,
Longs at the vast blue of heaven, when caught in a cage...

Like me, the bed-ridden after a 'painful' fracture down my knee.

- B. Meenakshi Sundaram, a man with a fracture.