Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Meet here a Blessing Buddha !

In our apartments 
Birds do not perch on trees
On their tiny branches  
You see a kind of dull green small leaves 
I have hardly seen them wither and fall

With neither flowers nor fruit  
indifferent they stand  to the fondling of wind.

Of new green sprouts and yellow fall        
Spring or autumn 
Speaks no words

Over the compound walls of the  tall towers,
On fronds of the coconut trees     
A peacock screams 
Every dawn

In her brisk morning walk round the campus 
A lady, in her T-shirt and  three-fourth trousers,
Presents her slight smile
At the bird's quiver of covert feathers         

From the cool shades of neem trees
Somewhere away from the flats 
Comes floating on wind 
A sad song of the  cuckoo 

Carrying the vast blue on wings 
A pair of grey pigeons  
Alight on the balconies 
Then, with little hope of  making nest there   
Fly back in a cooing  of frustration 

Tired after travels on the blaring city roads  
Luxury cars parked around the towers 
Brood all the afternoon 

Amid the noise of waters 
From a fountain 
Drenching small patches of lawns, 
The little cricketers squeak 
At the batsman's destiny

Amid no wails and  cries 
The elderly die and disappear to the crematorium 
Tears inundate the residents' WhatsApp group 
Beside the homes that never have seen death  
The Buddha meditates in his padmasana
Like the water from the fountain 
Down His pedestal 
His blessings shower on the blessed  

- B. Meenakshi Sundaram  

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