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Inscribing Thirukural for Eternity

Kumaragurupara Swamigal and Pulavar Se.Rasu - Picture : Shankar Narayan

The Kongu region, which is known for its copious contribution to classical Tamil literature, will have another feather on its cap, if a literary organization’s proposal of inscribing all the 1330 couplets of Thirukural on a hill at Malayappalayam in the Erode district, becomes a reality.    

The Chennai-based organization Kural Malai Sangam, which mooted the project a few years ago, submitted its proposal to the government of Tamil Nadu in 2009.

“Though our proposal was rejected in the beginning, it was accepted later and a survey has been conducted by Erode District Collector V.K..Shanmugam in this regard “said Ravikumar, founder president of Kural Malai Sangam.

Following the government’s acceptance, the organization conducted a symposium in association with Hindusthan College of Arts and Science on Sunday evening to emphasize the need of getting the Thirukural couplets inscribed on the hill.  

As part of the programmme, a book ‘Kalvettil Thirukural’ was released. The book, which speaks on the importance of inscribing the couplets on the hill, contains articles by various erudite Tamil scholars like E. Sundaramurthy, former Vice-chancellor, Tamil University, Thanjavur, Thavathiru Kumaragurupara Swamigal, Pontiff of Gowmara Madalayam, poets Sirpi Balasubramaniam and Eraniyan.

Eminent archeologist Poongundran writes in the book ‘Kalvettil Thirukural’ thus:

“Though Thirukural is a work in Tamil, it propagates the morals to the mankind in common. And documenting its couplets on the hill is historic” 

Quoting a line from Tamil poetess Avvayar’s popular work Moothurai in his address, Pulavar Se.Rasu, former head, Department of Archeology and Epigraphy, Tamil University, Thanjavur, said:

“By reading the line Nallaar Oruvarkku Seyyum Ubakaaram Kalmel Ezhuththupol Kaanume… we can understand that the gratitude of good people, who received the help, is as immortal as letters inscribed on the stone”

Informing that several stone inscriptions found on the mountains have withstood the passage of time, Rasu pointed out that inscribing the couplets of Thirukural on stone will make the greatest Tamil work imperishable in the world.

Citing the discovery of an ancient stone inscription containing musical notations on a hill at Arachalur near Erode, noted Tamil scholar and junior pontiff of Perur Mutt, Maruthalasa Adigalar said:

“The Arachalur stone inscription stands witness to the erudition of ancient Tamils in music. Similarly, the posterity will wonder at the philosophy-rich couplets of Thirukural, if they are inscribed on the hill”

K. Ramasamy, Vice-chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, pointed out:

“Inscribing Thirukural couplets on the hill will make the greatest Tamil work eternal on earth. And Tamils, cutting across their castes and religions, should join hands in the great task”  

Saraswathy Kannayan, Correspondent Hindusthan College of Arts and Science, welcomed the gathering. V.G.Santhosham, President, V.G.P. Ulaka Thamizh Sangam, Nalla.G. Palanisamy, Chairman, Kovai Medical Centreand.Hospital and President of Thamizh Panpaattu Mayyam, Chief Educational Officer A. Gnana Gowri, Tamil scholar Pulavar Nanjappan, poet Kavidasan, Tamil enthusiasts Mathivanan and ‘Kural selvi ‘ Mangayarkarasi spoke in the meeting. 

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